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If you interested in any of the writing then the following are available to buy!

The Rising of the Son (2020) My First novel is a father/son adventure story as James and Jonno head for the mountains in Peru. However when disaster strikes and James is seriously injured, the two must separate in order for both to survive.

Season (2019) This year’s collection is shared with my mother Caroline. It draws on a myriad of encounters from walks in Herefordshire, visits to deserted islands in Panama, hunting waves in Morocco, sudden deaths and suicides of friends to the daily coalface of life and death that is working in the NHS.

Breaking (2018) Poetry inspired by my experiences of being a doctor, the natural world, beginnings, endings and what it means to be human.

Begin Again (2017) This time exploring the various ideas of Heaven, the Natural World, The Sea, Light and Dark and experiences from being a Doctor. And for the first time a joint creation with my amazing wife Amy who has made and printed the incredible art work and designs that bring this small book to life.

Go Gently into the Day (2016)  Poems written to reflect the various events in my life such as recovering from a recent stroke, being a doctor, running, meditation, family life and many others. I write to try and explore what it is to be both human and alive. Topics range from ideas of identity, separation, illness, loneliness, love, happiness, spirituality and many others from the spectrum of our shared humanity. Alongside each poem is a short reflection to help expand further what was written and offer some extra food for thought.

Brushstrokes (2016)  After suffering a small unexpected stroke early in 2016, I took to writing as a way of coping and understanding the situation. This book is a collection of poems and prose looking at the various aspects, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual of the experience.

Beyond the Falling (2015) This collection explores what it is to be human. ‘Beyond the Falling’ refers to our own journey as human beings and the place we find ourselves in once we realise that we are as fragile, vulnerable and needing love as all those around us. Again in the format of poetry and photos that are personally meaningful to me.

12 Labours of Hippocrates (2015) A collection of poems based on my early experiences as a Junior Doctor, put together in the form of a Hospital Medical Booklet

Dancing Shadows (2014)  My first attempt at putting some writing together, based largely on a powerful experience on a 10 day Vipassana Course in India in 2014. Poems and meaningful photos put side by side.

2nd place in RCGP 2022 Kieren Sweeney Essay Prize. ‘What does the future hold for the relationship between a patient and their GP in the UK’ March 2022

Review of ‘This is going to Hurt’ in BJGP March 2022

Is this Really Doctoring? BJGP March 2020

Ill Feelings BJGP June 2020

Article in the BMJ on Coronavirus April 3rd 2020

BBC Radio Interview 17th March 2020 – Tammy Gooding show, segments at 1450 and 1520.

Article in BMJ about Doctors and Suicide June 13th 2019

Article in the Guardian: I went to work a doctor and returned a stroke patient

Poem published as part of Headway Brain Injury Charity as their “New Me” campaign inviting those who’ve suffered brain injuries to write on their experiences.

Articles featured in Huffington Post based on chapters in Brushstrokes

  1. Dark Nights of Recovery
  2. Everyone’s a Healer: letting vulnerability heal both ourselves and others 
  3. Mastery And Mystery – When It Comes To Health, How Much Control Do We Actually Have?
  4. In Illness, Simply Getting Through Some Days Is An Achievement