So much to do

So much to do
in this world of care.
Things, checklists and achievements,
waiting for us over there.

Twenty fours hours
is hardly enough.
when one has to think,
about sorting their ‘stuff.’

But is it true,
That this is out lot?
To be busy and frantic,
concerned only
with what we have got?

What if for a minute
we were to stop and wait,
Look around us and listen,
Enter not in a new debate?

What would we see,
hear, feel and know?
if in that agonising minute
we let the external needs go?

Who would we meet,
what could we learn?
Stationary in our desires,
not consumed by the familiar yearn.

The world is so alive
And our lives so seemingly short.
Wouldn’t it be so sad,
If it all came down to items bought?

Play societies game,
To work, earn and pay.
But know there is more,
So much beauty in each day.

So let the self be stilled,
once, now and again.
And let existence reveal itself
as something far beyond
this world of only human origen.

(Poem taken from Dancing Shadows)

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