Let me stand here
and see as you do.
Maybe I’ll need far longer
than just a minute or two.

Even though I might witness
the same objects that are seen,
how can I be so sure
we might agree on what they mean.

All our senses similar
but create no picture the same.
A common reality perhaps,
but subjection too powerful to tame.

We all arrive in this moment
having come from a different place.
Powerful rivers of energy
flowing into this current space.

Worlds upon worlds
swimming side-by-side.
Where then to find the truth
in this universal tide?

Maybe then, the price
of being given this gift of life,
that total knowledge is out of reach
despite the razor edge of
any analytical knife.

Each one of us has our story
a different perspective to share.
Perhaps courage is in the listening,
that our greatest dare.

For we are not to be here long
and there is so much to learn.
Let us then celebrate difference,
and allow our own wheels of awareness,
to never stop their turn.

(Taken from Begin Again)

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