One day

One day
I shall rise as the sun
giving free light and love
despite what clouds
stand in my way.

One day
I shall let the breeze
catch my great sails
and take me without fight
to wherever it is right
for me to be.

One day
I shall freely cry
my hidden tears
like the dark skies
that give back to earth
heralding time to grow.

One day
my old hopes and desires
will freely fall like
the crinkled gold leafs,
that once brought new life
to growing trunks .

One day
I shall allow my form to set
and let darkness come
without rancor or regret,
knowing I shall rise again.

For one day
I shall experience eternity,
either in this life
or the next,

when time fades,
love reigns,
and the truth sings
loudly from every
soon to be softened corner,

that there was
only ever
and only can be,
one day.

(Taken from Begin Again)

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