‘The Rising of the Son’ – debut novel available for order!

BBC Radio Interview March 17th 2020 with Tammy Gooding

Pre-Order The Rising of the Son now!

Set in both urban and rural Peru, The Rising of the Son follows the main character Jonno, aged 17, as he his father James, a successful and hardworking surgeon, go on an independent expedition into the mountains together to climb Mount Casharaqu. Along the way it is an opportunity for James to retrace his own past having had had some powerful and formative experiences in Peru when he was a young man. While for Jonno there is exposure to new ways of living and thinking that brings him to question the accepted truths of his own identity and upbringing, not to mention dealing with his unexpected but blossoming relationship with Magdalena, the captivating daughter of the James’ old friend Rodrigo.   Whilst out in the mountains there is a potentially lethal accident and Jonno is then forced to leave his father and go find help in this alien, dangerous and unknown land. In order to survive both men are left with no choice but confront hard truths about themselves that force them to reconsider how they want to live, should both of them make it back alive. 

This coming of age book attempts to deal with themes of the father-son dynamic, what it means to be a man, life in a developing country, women’s rights, being an outsider, the problematic way in how we are perceived by others, what is personal truth and what does it ultimately mean to be successful.

Please contact me on gilesdawnay@gmail.com if you would like any further information.

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