The Clown’s Greeting

Welcome to the circus,
my curious newborn friend,
glad you’ve finally made it,
where illusion refuses to end.

I bet you must be excited,
having queued hearing the noise,
awaiting the greatest show on earth,
with your wonderful fellow girls and boys.

Fancy dress is the theme
as I’m sure you can already see.
All in one uniform or other
yet still protesting to be free.

Well anyway, let’s weigh you,
measure and give you a name.
And began creating your identity
that may your instinct tame.

It’s not all deceiving in here,
that you’ll soon discover.
But experience each show for yourself,
not rely on the view of another.

Enjoy the madness if you can,
but the hall of mirrors beware.
Don’t take it all too seriously
and pay always the correct fare.

Great to have you here,
now off you go and play.
I’m sorry
there’s a new guest coming,
and you need to get out the way!

(Poem taken from Beyond the Falling)

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