Do they suffer too?

Do trees suffer
for being trees?

Obeying their nature,
to stand tall
and grow deep,
do they wistfully ponder
where else they may
have settled?

Do they jostle
for the sunlight
and show envy
if no other being
chooses to nest
in their arms?

Do they bare
their scars
‘so and so waz ere’
and dignify them,
and do their roots
fight for the best
access to the source?

Do they fear death
either unknown,
or hacked down
to be remade
into something else
against their wishes?

Or perhaps do
they accept,
that they are there
for the true benefit
of all who come near,

with trunk, branches and leaves
thrown wide open
to an endless
yet changing sky,
in a humble yet life-giving
selfless crucifixion.

(Taken from Begin Again)

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