The Welcome Health Centre

Welcome to GP land,
a land free to all.
Where anyone can arrive
and anyone can fall.

Within our walls we invite you
when things begin to feel strange.
Maybe you’ll need to queue
but we’ll do our best to keep you in range.

The world of health is scary,
for many their bodies a dark space.
We want to be here for you,
and despite what they say,
not make it into a race.

All of us here care,
some of us even carry wounds.
All driven by desire
to help you start healing soon.

But forgive us when we don’t know
why you have this new condition.
There aren’t always easy answers
as we both embark on your health mission.

So please come in and sit down,
and begin to your story tell.
Let us try to work together
to set you free, from your current
ill-health hell.

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