Rise of the Robots

Let’s always be efficient,
said one robot to his friend,
never stop doing things
always something to mend.

For our existence must be defined
by that what we can measure.
Otherwise how can we be judged,
and earn our robot treasure.

Look at those poor humans,
how little they achieve.
When they stop, rest and talk
rather than continue the daily heave.

So vulnerable and fragile
in their flesh and bones.
So glad we’re not like that,
sharing tears, laugher and groans.

For imagine if we stopped,
and put down our heavy tools,
would we not start to rust
as our engines become cool?

What would be our worth,
if our output were to drop?
Surely they would label us
as another mechanical flop?

No, we must carry on,
and leave those people be.
with such productless humanity and love,
forever their enduring tragedy.

(Poem taken from 12 Labours of Hippocrates)

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