Full Stop

It’s either a beginning
or an end

depending upon where
the perspective is made.

Inhale, exhale
life and death.

Sunrise, sunset,
birth and funeral.

Each heartbeat,
but another flicker
of the internal candle.

To accept this one way
or the other,

is what allows us
to be human.

Yet to hold both
but equally

is what allows us
to be free.

(Poem taken from Begin Again)

One thought on “Full Stop

  1. I am reminded of Tolstoys comment o the present moment whichi have posted by the cooker as a daily reminder!
    Time does not exist
    There is only a small
    And infinite present
    And it is in this present
    That our life occurs.
    Therefore a person
    Should concentrate all
    His spiritual forces
    Only on this present


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