Another morning breaks on the river,
white frost, muddy green, swirling steam,
Gentle cold flow transcends to unseen air.
Soft silence welcomes the curious.

Bad news broken behind the replaceable
curtain. A2 will be told he can leave today.
His neighbour receives news his departure
is likely in the next 3 months. Wheels turn.

A hazy white brilliance burns the retina,
slumbering trees with long grasping fingers
reach into the blinding space. New growth
into the unknown await as the days stretch.

Heavy shapes huddle by the bedside,
unblocked ears allow honest conversation.
I want you to keep living, he whispers,
fertile feeling flowing to those listening.

A deep breath burns the lungs, chilled air
hits warm life. The clear river wanders on,
unattached to who or what it may become.
How precious to live, but yet, what suffering.

(Poem taken from Seasons)

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