Wiff Waff

My name is Alexander (the Great)
but Boris is how I prefer to go.
I’ve got lots and lots to say,
and who doesn’t love a show?

Long Latin words may win some,
and not brushing my hair the rest.
How the pale navel gazing Brits
love a political character the best.

I’ve never really done anything
but no one really seems to care.
Nigel and I made crowds chuckle,
all it took to be crowned mayor.

No more need for the truth,
I gave up on that back in the day.
They let me say anything now,
such a marvelous game to play!

Yes I enjoy a bit of piffle paffle
with the odd fillie now and then.
But who ever made a fuss before
in judging the Empire’s great men.

Now with Cameron Minor gone
my rightful destiny awaits us all.
When one is so truly exceptional,
nothing left but pass him the ball!

(Poem taken from Seasons)

One thought on “Wiff Waff

  1. This is such fun, a light hearted swipe at the hollow men, who strump around on their self made stage!  sawdust rules okay!   Sent it to Dawn and Sue Tindal whose reaction to the result was posted on fb, enjoy the heat.  Will ring Amy when she returns,what is a good time?   Much love  xxx
    Sent from Samsung tablet


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