Ode of the Wandering Coconut

O Coconut, o coconut,
who do you want to be,
trussed up in a tight ball
sailing the bright open sea.

Fell you did once from
a land you did not know,
hit the ground with a bump
swinging from high-up to low.

Then came the curious tide
and plundered you away.
No chance to say goodbye
as you sailed out of the bay.

But now you find yourself
floating, you could go anywhere.
At the whim of fate and current
without any real thought or care.

But know this, dearest coconut
as you enjoy your time in the sea,
your potential locked deep inside
will be lost whilst you remain free.

For if you are to be your gifts
that you do carry safe within,
at some point when you hit land
you must decide not another swim.

Growth, depth and true fulfillment
await you where you put your roots.
This loss of freedom will be painful
until you begin to see your coco fruits.

And trust that as you become tall
you have all you need for the storm,
perfectly designed to bend and sway
there will be no reason to perform.

For you to be of your truest service
the universe invites you to commit.
But until then O dearest coconut
go easy on any swimmer you may hit! 

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