Brushstrokes – my own experience of having a stroke

Thoughts and reflections on having had a small stroke in 2016 and on the nature of illness itself.

available to purchase here

In 2016 I had a small stroke which stopped me in my tracks. After various investigations and tests there was no cause found for it, just put down to one of life’s random events.

As part of the healing process I decided to write a selection of reflections, thoughts and poems on the experience. This book is set in the early days after the stroke. Attempting not only to explore the meaning of what has just happened and come to terms with it, but also life in general and what it is to be alive.

Brushstrokes weaves in the reality of the fall out from the stroke, along with experiences I have had working in other countries and his current life as a Doctor. The writing also intertwines ideas from powerful books I have read and been touched by, along with previous personal tragedies from my own life.

Brushstrokes gives a unique access to the reality and challenges faced in the early moments following a potentially life changing diagnosis. These were my reflections, thoughts and fears as I attempted to make sense of an otherwise insensible situation.

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